Mark Mironov

Drummer- ex-Betraying the Martyrs

I use the smart trigger TrigMic Gen2 and I recommend to anyone who appreciates the time and the values of sound quality. Less cables, few minutes for setup and You will get nice sound!

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Adnrew Ischenko

Drummer – Arkona

I work in the Arkona band and we have been actively touring around the world. Due to TrigMic I hear in monitors my preferred sound of kick drum at any concert place. By simple settings I was able to achieve a flawless operation, even with the fast game. I’m using the TrigMic smart triggers almost five years.

Oleg Khovrin

Drummer – Nargiz

The first time I tried TrigMic on the tour of “Master” band in Yekaterinburg. At the soundcheck was installed another popular trigger from a reputable manufacturer, and I have been able to choose. I chose the TrigMic because of fine sound and no delay. Currently I use the smart trigger “TrigMic Gen2” for kick drum.

Max Malyshev

Drummer – Grigory Leps

The band I working, actively touring and I change drum kits from time to time. Triggers by TrigMic gave me to always get the desired sounds of instrument. Very pleased with the clarity and zero delay. I use piezo triggers TrigMic more than two years.


Max Burmakov

Drummer – Elizium

I’ve upgraded my sound with the TrigMic-LaserPick and Gen2-snare-PA. The laser is very nice. I like it. My kick drum has become a machine gun! The difference of Gen2 is the ultimate sensitivity!

Drummer - Archelon

Keith Zwicker

Drummer – Archelon

Being one of the first drummers in Canada to discover the TrigMic Laser Pick. I can report that these Triggers are Laser accurate simple to use and well built. For my bands style of metal it is the only trigger I will ever need want or use. These are the future of drum triggering and I could not be more happy to be part of the team. The TrigMic Laser Pick is truly the next level of drum triggering.

TrigMic artist - Denis Jelly

Quentin Geiss


I am using Trigmic Gen2 in addition to the natural sound of the kick to make it more accurate.

It gives the whole thing a massive sound while keeping an authentic feel. With the TrigMic Gen2 every kick is like playing at Wembley Stadium!

Virginia Clemm band

Jose Roberto Tevez Alvarez

Drummer : Virginia Clemm

When I had a show with my band, I needed to set up my last triggers for about 5 to 10 minutes before the show and always had problems with them,Since I use the laser TrigMic I discover a new world of sound and quality, I extremely recommend if you look great sound, short time setting and accurate signal for a explosive perfomance,you will get everything that you dream in just a little box.

Aira Deathstorm FIEND Hellscream Academy

Aira Deathstorm

Drummer – FIEND, Hellscream Academy

I’ve been using trig mic for years, and this small device helped me a lot in all types of my work.

You get the best bass drum sound anywhere on tour, on any drum set, also I used it for workshops and lessons, recording albums, covers and my students.

Brandon Staton

Drummer : Autumn Lies Buried

I use the Gen 2 Kick, and by far the best trigger I have ever used. Fantastic sound, easy to set up, and affordable

Matt Bowles from Bizantine

Matt Bowles

Drummer: Byzantine

We have tried triggering the kick drum for live applications a few times with little to no success. The TrigMic Laser Pick has eliminated all the problems that existed with our previous dD-trigger. Fast, accurate response. Absolutely NO cross talk or double triggering and eliminates the need for a seperate drum module. Blending the triggered drum tone with a mic’d drum tone has given us the perfect kick drum sound for live applications.

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Rafael Gonzalez

Drummer – Cordyceps

I’ve been searching my entire drumming career for a trigger that works as well as TrigMic. After trying almost everything on the market I can without a doubt say there is absolutely nothing that can compare to the accuracy of TrigMic.



Robert Boim

Sound engineer – Agutin

I use the TrigMic smart drum triggers for Kick and Snare to blend the trigger sounds with microphone signals. It gives more density in live concert sound.


Michael Borychev

Drummer – Luxury band

I use a couple of TrigMic triggers for kick and snare since 2014. Very convenient things! I’m going to use three additional TrigMic triggers for tom-toms.


Alexey Saveliev

Drummer – Choir Turetskogo

I’m using the piezo trigger TrigMic Gen2 Kick since 2014.

Stefán Friðriksson

Drummer – Devine Defilement

My experience with the TrigMic Gen2 trigger has been awesome since day one.  After more than a year of constant playing it never fails to deliver and make my playing more comfortable.  Reliability,  quick and easy set up has made playing live easier than ever, plug and play, I would recommend TrigMic to anyone wondering about start using triggers. I can not wait to try out the laser pick.


Manuel Acevedo Osorio

Drummer – HAIL CALIGULA, Chile

For me it is a real pleasure to be part of the TrigMic family, I have been using the device since 2018, and for me it has been a real solution when trigging the drum set, it is easy to set up and above all, it reduces the amount of luggage that I have to carry at the time of my live performances or on tours, and best of all, TrigMic eliminated the problem of ghost notes. I am really happy that they have placed their trust in my skills. Many thanks!



David Heyer


…what can I say? MEGA! in combination with a border microphone is amazing.

Anata, Conny Pettersson

Conny Pettersson

Drummer – Anata, Eternal Lies, Revengia, Trojan Dogs

As a session drummer I have done session recordings and gigs with bands such as Lion’s Share, Nightrage, Evocation, Beseech, Hereza, From North etc., and the TrigMic Laser Pick is the best trigger for both live and studio situations. Easy to use, only one cable to connect, great sound and no false triggering.

drummer in Arvas, Son of a Shotgun, You Suffer, The Dark Nebula

Kristoffer Lunden


 Arvas, Son of a Shotgun, You SufferThe Dark Nebula

I have played the TrigMic LaserPick for a long time. I played over 20 live shows with it last year in several countries for several bands and i love it. It is the best and easiest triggering i have ever used.

Владимир Ударнов

Vladimir Udarnov

Studio drummer

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I’m actively using the TrigMic Laser Pick since 2017, this is a super convenient device, easy to set up, well suitable for studios and concerts.


Nikolay Kondratiev



I have been using TrigMic products for almost 5 years. But recently i discovered something unique for myself – TrigMic Laser Pick.
It is definitely a professional stuff that I recommend to everyone without exceptions!