Mark Mironov

Drummer – ex-Betraying the Martyrs

I use the smart trigger TrigMic Gen2 and I recommend to anyone who appreciates the time and the values of sound quality.

(watch video)

Andrwe Ischenko

Drummer – Arkona

I work in the Arkona band and we have been actively touring around the world. Due to TrigMic I hear in monitors my preferred sound of kick drum at any concert place. By simple selection of settings I was able to achieve a flawless operation, even with the fast game. I’m using the TrigMic smart triggers almost five years.

Oleg Khovrin

Drummer – Nargiz

The first time I tried TrigMic on the tour of “Master” band in Yekaterinburg. At the soundcheck was installed another popular trigger from a reputable manufacturer, and I have been able to choose. I chose the TrigMic because of fine sound and no delay.

Currently, I work in the band of singer Nargiz and i use the smart trigger “TrigMic Gen2” for kick drum.


Max Malyshev

Drummer – Grigory Leps

The band I working, actively touring and I change drum kits from time to time. Triggers by TrigMic gave me to always get the desired sounds of instrument. Very pleased with the clarity and zero delay. I use triggers TrigMic with piezo-sensors for more than two years.

Aira Deathstorm FIEND Hellscream Academy

Aira Deathstorm

FIEND, Hellscream Academy

I’ve been using trig mic for years, and this small device helped me a lot in all types of my work.

You get the best bass drum sound anywhere on tour, on any drum set, also I used it for workshops and lessons, recording albums, covers and my students.