Mark Mironov

Drummer- ex-Betraying the Martyrs

I use the smart trigger TrigMic Gen2 and I recommend to anyone who appreciates the time and the values of sound quality. Less cables, few minutes for setup and You will get nice sound!

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Adnrew Ischenko

Drummer – Arkona

I work in the Arkona band and we have been actively touring around the world. Due to TrigMic I hear in monitors my preferred sound of kick drum at any concert place. By simple settings I was able to achieve a flawless operation, even with the fast game. I’m using the TrigMic smart triggers almost five years.

Oleg Khovrin

Drummer – Nargiz

The first time I tried TrigMic on the tour of “Master” band in Yekaterinburg. At the soundcheck was installed another popular trigger from a reputable manufacturer, and I have been able to choose. I chose the TrigMic because of fine sound and no delay. Currently I use the smart trigger “TrigMic Gen2” for kick drum.

Max Malyshev

Drummer – Grigory Leps

The band I working, actively touring and I change drum kits from time to time. Triggers by TrigMic gave me to always get the desired sounds of instrument. Very pleased with the clarity and zero delay. I use piezo triggers TrigMic more than two years.


Max Burmakov

Drummer – Elizium

I’ve upgraded my sound with the TrigMic-LaserPick and Gen2-snare-PA. The laser is very nice. I like it. My kick drum has become a machine gun! The difference of Gen2 is the ultimate sensitivity!

Drummer - Archelon

Keith Zwicker

Drummer – Archelon

Being one of the first drummers in Canada to discover the TrigMic Laser Pick. I can report that these Triggers are Laser accurate simple to use and well built. For my bands style of metal it is the only trigger I will ever need want or use. These are the future of drum triggering and I could not be more happy to be part of the team. The TrigMic Laser Pick is truly the next level of drum triggering.

TrigMic artist - Denis Jelly

Quentin Geiss


I am using Trigmic Gen2 in addition to the natural sound of the kick to make it more accurate. It gives the whole thing a massive sound while keeping an authentic feel. With the TrigMic Gen2 every kick is like playing at Wembley Stadium!

Virginia Clemm band

Jose Roberto Tevez Alvarez

Drummer : Virginia Clemm

When I had a show with my band, I needed to set up my last triggers for about 5 to 10 minutes before the show and always had problems with them,Since I use the laser TrigMic I discover a new world of sound and quality, I extremely recommend if you look great sound, short time setting and accurate signal for a explosive perfomance,you will get everything that you dream in just a little box.

Brandon Staton

Drummer : Autumn Lies Buried

I use the Gen 2 Kick, and by far the best trigger I have ever used. Fantastic sound, easy to set up, and affordable

Matt Bowles from Bizantine

Matt Bowles

Drummer: Byzantine

We have tried triggering the kick drum for live applications a few times with little to no success. The TrigMic Laser Pick has eliminated all the problems that existed with our previous dD-trigger. Fast, accurate response. Absolutely NO cross talk or double triggering and eliminates the need for a seperate drum module. Blending the triggered drum tone with a mic’d drum tone has given us the perfect kick drum sound for live applications.

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Rafael Gonzalez

Drummer – Cordyceps

I’ve been searching my entire drumming career for a trigger that works as well as TrigMic. After trying almost everything on the market I can without a doubt say there is absolutely nothing that can compare to the accuracy of TrigMic.



Robert Boim

Sound engineer – Agutin

I use the TrigMic smart drum triggers for Kick and Snare to blend the trigger sounds with microphone signals. It gives more density in live concert sound.


Michael Borychev

Drummer – Luxury band

I use a couple of TrigMic triggers for kick and snare since 2014. Very convenient things! I’m going to use three additional TrigMic triggers for tom-toms.


Alexey Saveliev

Drummer – Choir Turetskogo

I’m using the piezo trigger TrigMic Gen2 Kick since 2014.