TrigMic™Laser synth-

• TrigMic™ Laser synth – complete solution with two laser-triggers and pure analog bass drum sound synthesizer
• Device fixes onto a rim of a kick drum
• Standard XLR-type connector allows to route
the audio signal to the mixer console directly
• Five knobs to control the parameters of analog synthesis
• One 16-position configuration rotary switch
• Smooth dynamic response with configurable parameters
• No samples, No digital processing, No Bluetooth, No presets.

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Product Description

This is professional music equipment. Dual beam laser drum trigger with integrated analog synthesizer. Combined solution of dual-beam laser trigger and pure analog synthesizer. “TrigMic™ Laser synth” attaches onto a rim of a bass drum. On the rear panel there is a standard XLR plug for audio cable like a microphone. Pulse detector traces the strokes by laser beams and evaluates the force of strokes. It gives zero delay between stroke and sound signal. The built-in analog synthesizer produces bass drum audio signal without latency.  This synthesizer has five knobs of user-controllable parameters and one configuration switch. This is pure analog solution: No samples, No digital processing, No Bluetooth, No presets.

Additional Information

Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 15 x 13 x 6 cm

Each Laser Beam watches the pedal beater with the distance 6..15". The stroke will be detected as soon as the beater crosses the laser beam. Electronic circuit evaluates the stroke force. Analog synthesizer generates the electrical sound signal without latency.


Analog Synthesizer Bass Drum

Laser Trigger Analog

Type of pickup - Two laser reading heads.

Warning! This device is sensitive to bright light. In case of bright light or intensive sunlight it may work incorrectly.

Audioforma- Non-digitized pure analog output signal
Outpulevel- 250mV peak (-10dBu)
Supply- One AA cell Alkaline
Dimensions - 96 x 40 x 75 mm
Weight - 150g

Smart trigger TrigMic Laser synth - 1 pc.

Token stickers - 1 set (two self-adhesive stickers)

Neoprene cover - 1 pc.

User manual - 1 pc.

Cardboard packing box - 1 pc.