TrigMic™ SPH-1 spare piezo head


The piezo head for TrigMic™ Gen2 smart triggers. A consumable thing, spare part suitable for all Gen2 models.

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Product Description

The piezo head for TrigMic™ Gen2 smart triggers. It is suitable for all Gen2 models. Replaceable head made in neutral silicone. Front side is equipped with sensitive piezo crystal element. Rear side has a screw hole, two connector pads and one key recess.

Additional Information

Weight 0.013 kg
Dimensions 10 x 7 x 3 cm

The piezoelectric transducer is leaning onto the surface of drumhead. This transducer detects mechanical vibrations at the moment of stroke and converts them to the electrical signal.

Diameter – 3/4”

Height – 4/5”

TrigMic SPH-1 Spare Piezo Head - 1 pc.

Plastic container  - 1 pc.

Package - 1 pc.